Salt & Peppa

Normally I would say I am a tear the band aid off on one pull person but today I have to say I am glad that did not happen.  My stylist, we will call him Gunner, gave me permission to use his real name or his alias.  I feel when you have an option to use a cool alias you use it. So Gunner, happy to see that I showed up, started the process to convert my colored hair to gray early this morning. As he stripped off the color we realized the second process would be too harsh on my hair so with the patience of a saint he began the second foil of the day weaving in the gray and something close to my natural color, like an old familiar friend, into my hair until salt and pepper arrived - ooh baby - baby.  Now wait a minute y'all this dance ain't for everybody, just the sexy people.  Try to get that song out of your head now it has been in mine all day.

The result, even though not yet the gray I want to embrace, is beautiful.  I was surprised, there is enough gray to see but I still think my hair is pretty.   If I am honest I was shocked with my reaction to my hair,  do I somehow equate aging hair with ugly hair?  As the process took the colored and highlighted hair into the straw looking interim step (trust is a big requirement at that point - yikes if the power went out right then - the horrors) to the final salt and pepper looking hair that was actually nice.  I always used to think and often hear others share that the reason they color their hair is to look their best - but why is only hair that reflects youth our best?  I am still the same person with the same swagger.  My face did not suddenly look older and I in no way feel the need to sit in a rocker with a shawl.  So what was I thinking, what are we all thinking?   I am actually excited now instead of nervous for the next appointment when we make the gray even more apparent as I feel more prepared than before to go the next step.  I am fascinated by my personal thoughts on this as I go through the process and  I am curious what you think.  Have you embraced your gray or still somewhere along the journey?  Let's talk.