My Patina

Several years ago a friend of mine was removing the carpet from her home to reveal the beautiful hard wood floors underneath. The result was stunning with the beautiful patina that had developed over the years in these old oak floors.  When her grandmother came to visit she just could not understand why her granddaughter would ever have removed the beautiful carpet. From Grandmas perspective the cold hardwood floors made no sense as the rage in her day was to put warm carpet under her feet. As I visited with my family this week I feel my mother's response to my hair was similar to the carpet controversy. Why would you reveal your gray when the color you have looks good?  It is a question many of us ask ourselves.  We often feel that youth is in the color of our hair and why would we want to look old?  What I am discovering is that it is not about my age and the gray, it is about looking good and that is different for each of us.  The question still remains why would we not embrace our age and all the wonderful changes it brings as good

In objects we appreciate what time has done to them and how valuable that object has become through the time spent on earth. Yet with people we always want to polish out the silver and cover or convert the signs of aging instead of showing it off it of as the value age brings us. As my color is growing out blending nicely with the gray Gunner has added my personal patina is being revealed.  I feel it is even nicer than the added color and I am growing more fond of it.   I am enjoying the conversations with others who have made a similar choice and those that have not and the variety is wonderful. It is great to feel that any choice is acceptable with the key being the discovery of what you love about yourself and feeling good with who you are.