Not 27 Anymore

For years I have jokingly claimed my age to be 27.  The harsh reality of that joke came crashing down on me last month after I began a new workout program.  I run most days of the week so I considered myself to be rather fit - right!?  The new program is a strengthening and toning routine that works the entire body, selecting a focus area each day - no big deal, I got this.   I launched into the routines with the vigor I give most endeavors only to find myself in such pain after the first week that I knew I needed to back off.  Two additional days later I ended up cancelling my daily runs due to a self diagnosis of plantar fascistic.  Ugh!!  What just happened!

Embracing the gray has truly become more than just letting my gray hair shine through.  Most likely it always has been but I never really wanted to admit to it.  Growing older has benefits but it also brings about a reality that life is passing and the once seemingly endless future does not seem as vast.  Couple that with the passing of friends my age and the physical changes that appear (hot flashes are a new reality); the world begins to look different.  Embracing my age in no way means that I am allowing self or societal restrictions to alter my outlook but, as I have been discovering, I actually feel my choices are increasing.  My sons are moving into their future and as they do it is altering what I feel my life's trajectory is. The reason I wanted to have a career was for the challenge and gratification of a job well done, the financial freedom it affords, and ability to send my son's through university and come out on the other side debt free.  A burden that not every college graduate is fortunate enough to have.  Having soon accomplished all three of these categories - do I still want to continue this path?

My age has brought some limitations, such as a pain free transition into a new fitness regiment, but also a new outlook on where I may be or what I may be doing when I grow up.  No, I am not 27 anymore and as the laughter that claim receives is becoming more riotous my outlook on life remains youthful as to what adventures lie ahead.  This realization has come upon me suddenly as I have been dealing with the color of my hair and the introspection I have given as to why it has troubled me.  

I am not sure I would have the same sense of future if I was working to keep my appearance in the past.